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Though the story of this yokai was first documented in the Gifu prefecture in 1978, connections were drawn through tale to other women yokai that existed earlier (Foster 2009, 184). This happened to quickly validate her existence in the yokai pantheon. During the time her story first arose, Japan was going through an identity crisis.
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Yōkai (妖(よう)怪(かい)), or demons, are very powerful supernatural beings present in Feudal Japan. In fact, during this tumultuous period of civil war, demons seem to flourish. Yōkai consist of innumerable, and diverse varieties that grow stronger with age and their varying bloodlines. They can be found in many locations, ranging from mountains to forests; some.
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  • New Features! - Manage and expand your inn to draw all sorts of yokai guests! - Seasonal crops have an easier time growing during certain seasons, and are worth more too. - Prepare and celebrate Japanese holidays. - Find animals in the wilderness and adopt them. Certain animals can even be used as mounts! - Build your relationships with your ...
  • Yōkai Shōjo -Monsuga- (Japanese) 妖怪少女-モンスガ- (Japanese) Genres: supernatural. find similar manga based on genres. Plot Summary: Yakki Nishizuru has always considered himself a ...
  • In addition to art by Mizuki, precious yokai literature owned by Mizuki himself will be displayed for the first time ever, including a famous book of yokai art and folklore known as "The Illustrated Night Parade of a Hundred Demons" (Gazu Hyakki Yagyo) by Edo era ukiyo-e artist Sekien Toriyama, and "A Discourse on Yokai" (Yokai Dangi), by the father of Japanese folklore
  • With Kitaro, a story aimed at children, the yokai of his memories return as an escape from trauma still haunting Japanese life. As a manga-historian-philosopher, Shigeru Mizuki had an unparalleled sophistication when it came to interpreting the unknown. In Kitaro, peace is a concern of all parties, whether human or ghost.
  • 1 List of Yo-kai by Medallium Number. 1.1 001 - 027 Brave. 1.2 028 - 056 Mysterious. 1.3 057 - 083 Tough. 1.4 084 - 110 Charming. 1.5 111 - 135 Heartful. 1.6 136 - 161 Shady.